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Addicting but the game freezes on me...

I dont know what just happened but the game freezes after maxing out auto repair then returning to the map. But the game is fun and addicting

I like it!

It not laggy in my computer and its really cool. The only problem i have is the screaming... I expect her to be more.. more strong of a woman... she looks like she can take any pain.

But overall a really good game!

I aggree with tony

A retry button would be nice - exploding all the atoms in one shot is really challenging and fun.

SUper Addicting!

This is one hell of a game, its super addicting and the types of bunnies just keep on coming making the game a bit unpredictable.

And with all the effects and stuff, the game does not lag at all! Great Job!

I give it a million points!

I really love the game! the fighting style is cool I wanna learn from you!

Oh my god, you beat me into submitting this game!

I'll give this a 10 coz this is my game!? no wonder my submission was not accepted, I did not notice that its already here in NG!

Well... mixed feelings here, happy coz It got the daily second place and NG front page... but sad and a bit angry coz somebody else submit my game.

Great game!

very interesting, but it would be much better if I have more lives, or health bonuses every background changes. That way, I dont have to start over again.

And It would be great if when I pressed Play Again, it automatically starts the game and not start it from the loading screen again.

I just cant get enough!

A new set of bloons puzzle eh, great! I'm really addicted to this game! Nice work! Can you do another Bloons tower defense?

Fun game!

The game seems bored me at first, I thought what a lame and easy game! then.. I accidentally clicked.. then another drops from somewhere and the fun begins!

I just wish that Im controlling a panel not my mouse cursor. but the game is fun good job!

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