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Out of the office

2009-02-25 06:02:58 by annlucaswinters

I'm officially out of work!!! I resigned from my day job and decided to take flash game development seriously.

Now Foxy Sniper 2 is nearly finished, Sniper Assassin 3 will be next... however Im very disappointed coz our google adsense earnings just went down hill! 60% loss at the start of 2009. Maybe its because of the global economic mayhem.

Now that I'm an official bum, I need to work harder to promote Ultimate Flash Game to get it starting again.

So all you guys out there visit and give us some love! (a coffee would be nice!)

Cheers NG!


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2009-06-06 11:57:14

Aww... This is sad nobody left a comment..


2009-06-06 15:00:52

I did ^^


2009-06-24 18:28:37

Good luck with the frelancing ! Your games are quite fun :]


2009-07-11 20:24:14

AWSOME!Why not make a sniper assasin 4?


2009-07-17 09:34:20

oh know I loved your games


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